Don’t assume…

September 17, 2009

Soo yesterday a big wall of meat black guy came downstairs to peruse the toys. I lurked around and asked him a few times what he was looking for. I was a little intimidated cuz, well… I’m white, with liberal race guilt and I am always afraid I will read the social cues wrong, ya know? It’s not like I clutch my purse or anything like that, not a physical intimidation… I am just afraid maybe i will suddenly do or something stupid, I don’t know ask to touch his hair or something, and be exposed for the sheltered little white girl I am. Anyway, he finally looks around and very quietly says  “ok, I have a question”.. I’m so eager to help, I’m all over it.. I lean in, he is obviously eager to have no one overhear…

“me and my lady were thinking about, you know..anal stuff..”

Oh, i think to myself….that’s easy you need lube and make sure shes on top at least at first,  to control the pace and… (don’t ask me how I know that ok? I just do) But something about his demeanor gave me pause..So what I said was…

“Which one of you plans on being the receiver, and were you thinking about toys?”

“mumble mumbleYeah..mumblemumble.. ME. ”

Well.. ok. That didn’t go as planned. If I had a vision of guys that were all about butt plugs, this linebacker standing in front of me wasn’t it.  Now it is. Ok. So i helped him find one. and some lube too, Have fun with that, and please take your mental image with you when you go.

But(t) ya know what? Cool. Because when someone confesses something like that to you, in bed or anywhere, for a second you are holding their heart in your hand, not just their junk. People don’t get over sexual rejection. I have always felt pretty strongly in being a ‘sexual hang up free zone’  and  despite my own perverted baggage, I find myself unable to judge others.

Go forth young Ass Jedi and pass on the knowledge, to a new generation…

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