The Rapture

September 22, 2009

So yesterday was supposed to be the rapture, but I was in the toy store destroying broken sex toys. And finding notes like this:

“Vibrates, but doesn’t rotate”

Right before I left this cute little dyke came in, I check her ID- she’s 18 but confesses she’s a senior in high school. I tell her she was born the year I graduated. We were chatting. She starts asking me all these questions, and then busts out with ‘is your girlfriend younger than you?” um..yeah.. ? And then. “Do you work anywhere else?..”where else can I run into you?” WTF? Am I wearing ‘Eau de Cougar’??

But I’m a dog, so I tell her to come see me at the girly show this weekend.

LOL, why must I be like that, why must I chase the cat? My girlfriend is a saint, y’all.

One comment

  1. You could always send then Our way. I’m sure that we can find a use for a pliant young un.

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