Let’s play ‘Dress up’!

September 23, 2009

Yesterday, they let me out of the toy pit to help out with the clothing and such. Two college girls came in and looked at our wide selection of Halloween costumes. We don’t just carry Halloween costumes! We carry costumes ranging from risque, all the way to ‘for sale, make offer’  ’cause we are Klassy like that. These chicks get armloads of sorostitue finery and begin trying on…

The little comes out in a Snow White costume that consisted og a bra top and booty shorts. Her (really gorgeous) breast were falling out of the top- nipple clearly visible(by the way Goddess.., thanks) She turns to her friend and says:

“I don’t know …is this too slutty?”

Um yeah! It is too slutty for Jenna Jameson. for gods sake woman, put some clothes on. I am in porn sales here, and i am saying YOU ma’am, are a hooker.  By the way, are you familiar with the fact that Halloween is in October, and we are in ***a midwestern state*** and could have weather ranging from maybe 70 degress and sunny, to blizzard. ‘Not tropical’ is what I am saying.

Put on a damn sweater.

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