the state of customer service

October 6, 2009

Ima tell you a story about some acquaintances.

There is this *bar*. Lots of people work there who are, how shall i put it..? Chemical enthusiasts. yes. Ok.

There is this entrepreneur, an *independent urban pharmaceutical consultant* named *Jimmy who frequents said bar, for to sell his wares. Jimmy’s wares consist of substances that are …hmm… habit forming? Is that the word? Yes. So his customers have the potential to be quite loyal, and frequent.

Jimmy usually comes through for them but the other day, a girl I’ll call Mary attempted to purchase some of his wares and entrusted him with her investment in advance of the product. Jimmy took the investment and then left…and never came back. Never produced said wares. Within 6 or so hours Mary would be in bad shape and was now out of money to shop elsewhere. And, understandably to my mind, PISSED. So Mary discussed the situation w/ her co workers and they have organized a boycott so to speak. So now Jimmy is mad too, because his business has dropped off completely at the bar.

What I don’t understand is why these *independent urban pharmaceuical consultants* don’t use basic principles of customer service in dealing with their customers. I feel like anyone with half a brain could do a better job of this.

Take some pride in your work, people.

¬†ahaha Names and identifying details have changed to protect ME cause I’m an innocent bystander to these idiots. Except for Jimmy, who can’t fuckin read, probably. And who has to be the stupidest dealer I have ever heard of.

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