Let’s call him Daniel… Chapter 5

January 20, 2010

He is tall, maybe 6’3, but  stoops over much of the time.  He wears *cheap-hotel skinny jeans, hoodies and thick glasses. He has a pantydroppin smile. He is 22 years old.  He rides bmx bikes, a lot. A lot a lot. Every day, for hours.

Daniel is a manger, has been a loyal employee for more than a year, maybe two.

. Every single day the higher managers tell us all they will fire us; we are replaceable.  They pay us under the table, and say shitty things about every employee, behind their back and to their face. They encourage the employees to turn on each other.

Daniels shifts are the best, everyone is generally happy and good natured. Unlike every other shift.

 Daniel is robbing the store blind. He has a couple clever, very clever ways to accomplish this. The money just flows away. There is no inventory control. The money flows into the pockets of :independent pharmaceutical consultants: but mostly to the other employees.. He is Robin Hood; he steals from a management that uses and abuses their employees and gives money and drugs to the overworked and underpaid masses. That’s how he sees it.  SOme other managers are in on it, and do it too.

“everyone does it”

Every night before Halloween, every night we had lines from the front to the back, customers yelling, management threatening…and every night there was pharma and yay and it was insane.

The ones you thought for sure were trustworthy- even the owners relatives!- even they are in on it.

Everyone is making so …much…money

And I was completely oblivious, for a while….

*cheap hotel=no ball room


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