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Let’s call him Daniel… Chapter 5

January 20, 2010

He is tall, maybe 6’3, but  stoops over much of the time.  He wears *cheap-hotel skinny jeans, hoodies and thick glasses. He has a pantydroppin smile. He is 22 years old.  He rides bmx bikes, a lot. A lot a lot. Every day, for hours.

Daniel is a manger, has been a loyal employee for more than a year, maybe two.

. Every single day the higher managers tell us all they will fire us; we are replaceable.  They pay us under the table, and say shitty things about every employee, behind their back and to their face. They encourage the employees to turn on each other.

Daniels shifts are the best, everyone is generally happy and good natured. Unlike every other shift.

 Daniel is robbing the store blind. He has a couple clever, very clever ways to accomplish this. The money just flows away. There is no inventory control. The money flows into the pockets of :independent pharmaceutical consultants: but mostly to the other employees.. He is Robin Hood; he steals from a management that uses and abuses their employees and gives money and drugs to the overworked and underpaid masses. That’s how he sees it.  SOme other managers are in on it, and do it too.

“everyone does it”

Every night before Halloween, every night we had lines from the front to the back, customers yelling, management threatening…and every night there was pharma and yay and it was insane.

The ones you thought for sure were trustworthy- even the owners relatives!- even they are in on it.

Everyone is making so …much…money

And I was completely oblivious, for a while….

*cheap hotel=no ball room


it’ll be so empty without me

January 18, 2010

I worked st the store from the last week of September and now I sadly find myself unemployed again…the last 2 months have been…entertaining.

Now that I can’t  lose m job for revealing the secrets of m work[lace, I can tell the story, all the sex, drugs a  ridiclosness

i can’t wait…



October 27, 2009

I am kind of rethinking this blog. On one hand, I love doing it. On the other hand, there is SO MUCH AWESOMENESS that happens a work I am afraid to post for fear of oh ya know, legal issues, sex drugs and rock and roll stuff…it just doesn’t feel complete without the stories i am withholding. Anyone have any ideas on how to hide a blog more thoroughly from a possibly interested but antagonistic party?



October 9, 2009

Dear Shoplifters,

Some tips to make your job easier.

– if you are the first customers in the store, we know where everything is, cuz we just opened.

– don’t put the SECURITY TAG in your purse. The point of removing it is to ditch it somewhere else, so it doesn’t go off when you go through the towers.

-just cause I work in a porn store doesn’t mean I am entirely fucking stupid.

– oh yeah, and pro tip: people who work in porn stores are not bound by conventional rules of niceness, so when we do catch your dumb ass stealing all the employees and ownership is liable to scream obscenities at you


October 7, 2009
from Superpoop

from Superpoop


the state of customer service

October 6, 2009

Ima tell you a story about some acquaintances.

There is this *bar*. Lots of people work there who are, how shall i put it..? Chemical enthusiasts. yes. Ok.

There is this entrepreneur, an *independent urban pharmaceutical consultant* named *Jimmy who frequents said bar, for to sell his wares. Jimmy’s wares consist of substances that are …hmm… habit forming? Is that the word? Yes. So his customers have the potential to be quite loyal, and frequent.

Jimmy usually comes through for them but the other day, a girl I’ll call Mary attempted to purchase some of his wares and entrusted him with her investment in advance of the product. Jimmy took the investment and then left…and never came back. Never produced said wares. Within 6 or so hours Mary would be in bad shape and was now out of money to shop elsewhere. And, understandably to my mind, PISSED. So Mary discussed the situation w/ her co workers and they have organized a boycott so to speak. So now Jimmy is mad too, because his business has dropped off completely at the bar.

What I don’t understand is why these *independent urban pharmaceuical consultants* don’t use basic principles of customer service in dealing with their customers. I feel like anyone with half a brain could do a better job of this.

Take some pride in your work, people.

 ahaha Names and identifying details have changed to protect ME cause I’m an innocent bystander to these idiots. Except for Jimmy, who can’t fuckin read, probably. And who has to be the stupidest dealer I have ever heard of.


random rant about queers

October 6, 2009

Can someone please tell me where the butch grrls are going? It seems to be going out of fashion, and that makes me sad. All the younguns keep their hair long and even :shudder: wear makeup! well, not ALL thank goodness, but I swear it used to be compulsory to cut your hair off.


Or maybe I should stop looking at pictures of teenagers LOL.

This is why i don’t have a real job. Because this is the kind of thing I think about when other people are working.